Enrique Dellafiori


Is the founding partner of the law firm that bears his name. His las practice in Dellafiori Abogados focuses on intellectual property and litigation.
Earlier, between 1978 and 1981, he was a partner at Senal Ltda., A debt collection company comprised by more than 30 lawyers, with correspondents all over Chile.

Between 1990 and 1995, he was a shareholder and director in Recart S.A., a company dedicated to judicial and extrajudicial debt collection in the banking industry, especially counselling the Bank of the State of Chile, in the city of Santiago and the Fifth Region.
Between 1996 and the year 2000, he dedicated his practice to litigation in civil, commercial and criminal matters before the Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court of Chile
He has acted as a sponsoring attorney in countless law suits, which some of the suits acquired public notoriety in Chile in different fields of law, such as:

  • Davens S.A. Financial Case (Defense of former executives) in liquidation, criminal proceedings initiated by the State Defense Council (criminal trial by law of banks)
  • Case of invalidity of the Bimbo brand (trademark law), defending the right holder of the trademark, Costa S.A.
  • Protection remedy case for the unlawful use of the “Telefónica” brand in Chile (constitutional matter where the Spanish company was represented)
  • Case of invalidation of the brand Head in class 18 mark (trademark defense case representing Maletas Chile)
  • Publicly renound Chispas law suit (corporate case in stock market law) acting on behalf of the defendants.
  • Case for the establishment of electrical and energy tariffs representing Chilectra S.A. (unfavorable ruling for the Electricity and Fuels Agency)
  • Case on trademark invalidation of the mark “Tapsin” trademark defense against the German company Bayer.

Since the year 2000 his law practice is focused on Intellectual property law, misleading advertisement (Conar), consumer law and counselling on food labeling and health issues.

Languages: Spanish and English

Education: Universidad de Chile, Faculty of Law (1980). Universidad Diego Portales, Faculty of Law, Diploma in Protective Appeal, (1997-1998). Universidad de Chile, Faculty of Law, Diploma in Modern Commercial Law (2007). University of Yale, Diploma on Management for Lawyers, (2007).